Burton’s Total Pet is closing our doors after 26 years in the Pittsburgh community. All of our remaining inventory is currently 25% off.

This is difficult for me to write. For the last 26 years, our pet stores have been dedicated to helping people care for their pets. I’ve always stressed to our employees, from the day that we opened in 1993, that the pet always comes first. I’ll post a longer letter to our customers in the next week explaining our decision to close our remaining three stores.

For now, I’ll just say that I desperately wanted to find a way to adjust our business model to accommodate an increasingly niche market. Unfortunately the more I studied the current marketplace, the more I realized that we were fighting a losing battle. It was just time to move on.

We are selling off our remaining inventory at 25% off. We have lots of product left in the stores. Foods are going fast, but we still have cat litters, safe salt for winter, lots of new and used aquarium equipment (includes some RO equipment), toys, and flea products. On behalf of all the staff at Burton’s Total Pet, thank you for your support.


Self-Service Dog Wash

Take advantage of our self-service dog wash at these Burton’s Total Pet locations: CranberryIrwin and Monroeville. We provide all the sudsy necessities and you don’t need to worry about the clean up!
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I am so thankful that we have Burton and his stores. Everyone is so helpful whether I call Burton for recommendations for food for my diabetic cat to an associate helping in the store. The knowledge and care is so valuable to us. Diane D.

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Recently I asked Burton for a recommendation regarding an ongoing problem with my Westie and, after literally over a year of research and three veterinarians weighing in, she is doing so much better with the supplement he recommended. For caring, concerned and professional pet care I would highly recommend Burton’s Total Pet! Constance S., Allison Park

I am so grateful and appreciative for all the advise you gave me. I can honestly say you saved Sophie from having more bladder stone surgery or having that vet guilt me into feeding her that Hills Prescription CD which she promptly hurled up every night. Thanks again for all your help! Kim H.

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The staff at the Allison Park location is AMAZING! They are friendly, knowledgeable about the products, and our dogs just love them. A trip to Burton’s is always a treat. Linsay L.

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I received excellent service from your entire staff. A young man named Kevin was extremely helpful and answers all the questions I had for him. He seemed very knowledgeable and took great pride in his work. Thank you and your entire staff for helping me out. You truly brought a smile to my children’s faces. I look forward to shopping at your store over the coming years. Anthony, North Hills

Burton is the most approachable business owner I have ever met. Just yesterday, he offered to teach me how to clip my parrotlet’s wings! I can’t find that kind of personalized service at any “super store.” Thank you for your incredible standards and service to my community. Elena N., North Hills

We always have a great experience when we come here. They have a massive selection of dog food. Their employees are not only knowledgeable but friendly and helpful. And my dog loves this place-very important. Karen

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