Who Do You Call For Animal Abuse?

  • Because cruelty to animals is a criminal offense, we strongly advise you to report any suspected maltreatment to the local police or sheriff as soon as possible.
  • Dial 911 if you have reason to believe that an act of animal cruelty is taking place right now or will take place in the near future and you believe that immediate action is required to avoid significant harm or the death of an animal.

The act of reporting maltreatment. If you believe that animals are being mistreated in any way, you should contact the local animal control agency as soon as possible or ring 911 if you are not familiar with the organizations in your area. The responding agency is obligated to conduct an investigation into any allegations of animal cruelty that are made to them.

How do I report animal abuse and neglect?

  • Animal Cruelty Helpline Provided by PETA Concerning: a toll-free national helpline.
  • You should immediately report an animal that is in immediate danger to the local police department where you live along with any information you have, such as the precise location of the animal, the type of abuse or neglect that is occurring, and whether or not it is occurring right now.
  • Check out the police department’s website for further information if they do not respond to your calls.

Should I call the police for animal abuse?

  • There are circumstances in which you should contact 911 to report animal cruelty or neglect.
  • There are, however, preferable alternatives to consider if the animal’s safety is not in imminent jeopardy.
  • This article is a part of a series that HuffPost is doing that examines alternatives to the police force.
  • You’ll find the other items here for you to read.
  • Should I contact the authorities if I discover that an animal is being mistreated or neglected?
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Can you report animal cruelty anonymously?

When looking for a way to anonymously report instances of animal mistreatment, calling your local police department or emergency personnel via the 9-1-1 number is not a good choice. This may seem very unusual to you. Laws prohibiting cruel treatment of animals in the various US states vary widely.