How To Start An Animal Sanctuary?

  1. How to Begin the Process of Establishing an Animal Sanctuary Find a piece of land that would be appropriate for your sanctuary
  2. Prior to purchasing the site, check to see whether or not the local zoning ordinances permit the operation of an animal sanctuary on the area in question
  3. Buildings If you plan to use any of the existing structures on the land, you will need to modify them so that they can function as an animal shelter
  1. 1.) The Opening Statement
  2. Shelter. To be able to provide refuge for the animals, you will need land as well as structures
  3. Land use planning and zoning When you have chosen a piece of property that will work for your needs, the next step is to research the zoning regulations that apply to that site.
  4. Buildings.
  5. Medical care.
  6. Finding a veterinarian.
  7. Spay/neuter.
  8. Vaccinations/medications

Should you start an animal rescue or sanctuary?

The establishment of an animal rescue or sanctuary is high on the bucket list of many people who are passionate about animals and want to do something to help them in the future. Instead of delaying this activity till we reached our retirement years, my husband and I both agreed that it was something we wanted to accomplish with our young family right now.

How to choose a farm for a sanctuary?

1 Take Care in Selecting Your Location Because our farm had been operating as a farm for such a long period, we were exempt from the requirement to get any permissions that would have been required.2 Determine Your Personal Boundaries We are not a rescue organization; rather, we are a sanctuary where animals come to spend the rest of their lives, as contrast to a rescue organization that places animals with new families.3 Begin with a Baby Step, and Get Used to the Word ″No″