Why Was Dmx Charged With Animal Cruelty?

According to the files that were found, DMX entered a guilty plea in New Jersey in 2002 to charges of animal cruelty for the abuse of around 13 pit bulls. As a condition of his sentencing, he was forced to deliver a message to the public warning against the mistreatment of animals. In the past, he was charged with both the possession of marijuana and the commission of violence.

What did DMX say when he was arrested for animal cruelty?

In the end, DMX came to an agreement with the prosecutor and pled guilty to minor animal abuse. What was DMX saying at that same moment? The rapper was taken into custody shortly after speaking to ABC15 about how the finding of the three dead canines ‘bothered him’ at the time of his arrest.

What happened to DMX’s Pitbulls?

After receiving a tip that the animals were being mistreated, sheriff’s officers conducted a search warrant at DMX’s residence in August and collected 12 pit bulls and pit bull hybrids. The officials said that some of the dogs had evidently not been fed or watered, but that there was no proof that dogfighting had taken place at the time, thus no arrests were made.

What happened to DMX’s dog bark?

DMX, a legendary figure in the world of rap music, passed unexpectedly on April 9, 2019, after being hospitalized for more than a week due to an alleged drug overdose. The nasty and gruff tone of the rapper was a reflection of his rough background in Yonkers, while the trademark bark that he used in his songs was a reflection of his strong relationship with dogs.