Who Killed Smurf On Animal Kingdom?

After four seasons of mind games and murder, leopard print and pies, the cancer-stricken Smurf Cody character from Animal Kingdom was killed on Tuesday by her grandson J. This came about as a result of the fact that she ended up surviving what she had planned to be a suicide mission.

Why was Smurf killed off Animal Kingdom?

It would appear that Smurf was eliminated from the performance in order to change things up and keep fans guessing. At the very end of the conversation, Wells gave the impression that Ellen Barkin, the actress who played Smurf in the series, was on board with the idea of leaving Animal Kingdom.

Why did Ellen Barkin quit animal kingdom as Smurf?

Why did Ellen Barkin leave her role as the host of Animal Kingdom? Animal Kingdom viewers were left in disbelief when the fourth season revealed that Janine ″Smurf″ Cody, the family patriarch and head of the Cody criminal family, had passed away. Smurf found out at the beginning of the fourth season that she is suffering with melanoma, which has already spread to her lymph nodes and bones.

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What happened to Smurf in Season 4?

Smurf finds out that she has melanoma in the third episode of the fourth season, and that it has spread to her lymph nodes and bones. Smurf is confronted with the reality of her impending demise for the very first time, and as one might anticipate, she is determined to live her final moments according to her own rules.

What happened to the girl who killed Baz in Smurfs?

Her passing left a severe wound since many admirers had the belief that she was exceptionally bright and courageous, and she was killed in front of her little son (at the hands of that pesky Mia).She was successful in getting Smurf to acknowledge that she was the one who killed Baz, which was a significant turning point in the story.However, the fact that she insisted on needling Smurf almost certainly signed her death sentence.

Who killed Smurf from Animal Kingdom?

In the episode that serves as the fourth season’s penultimate installment, Smurf is unexpectedly put to death. When Smurf’s granddaughter J learns that her grandmother has been diagnosed with terminal illness and is losing her strength, he decides to take her life as a compassionate gesture (despite the fact that Smurf kind of compels him to do it).

Why was Smurf killed off in Animal Kingdom?

It would appear that Smurf was eliminated from the performance in order to change things up and keep fans guessing. At the very end of the conversation, Wells gave the impression that Ellen Barkin, the actress who played Smurf in the series, was on board with the idea of leaving Animal Kingdom.

Who killed Janine Cody in Animal Kingdom?

During the heist, Smurf unexpectedly murders Jed in retaliation for the attempted rape that occurred forty years before.Smurf then provokes a firefight with Jed’s sons, which Pope intervenes to save Smurf from.Because she did not want her cancer to go untreated for any longer, an irate Smurf explains that she always planned for it to be a suicide mission for both of them from the very beginning.

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Who has j killed Animal Kingdom?

Mia makes an effort to convince J to turn against his family and to continue working with her by disclosing the fact that she was the one who carried out Smurf’s orders and killed Baz. Instead of that, J decides to get his revenge by killing Mia. In the episode ″Ghosts,″ Smurf planned a suicide mission for herself and Pope because she did not want to succumb to the effects of the disease.

Does Pope shoot Smurf?

She makes death threats at him and even discharges the pistol towards his head, coming dangerously close to his ear. Nevertheless, neither Pope nor any of Pope’s brothers are able to fire the trigger. J steps in just as Smurf’s threats transform into a pleading that breaks your heart, and he puts a bullet in the skull of Smurf.

Who kills Baz?

A second season At the conclusion of the second season, Mia takes Smurf’s side and kills Baz with a gunshot.

What happens to Lena in Animal Kingdom?

Smurf retrieves Lena from Social Services and informs Pope that he will never be able to adopt Lena due to his criminal history, but that Lena can be adopted by her. Smurf teases Pope with the possibility of being with Lena by promising to home-school the child and handing over entire parenting responsibility to Pope while she continues to act in her capacity as Lena’s legal guardian.

What mental illness does Pope have Animal Kingdom?

According to Hatosy, Pope’s behavior is most similar to that of those who struggle with borderline personality disorder.

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Why did Smurf leave Pamela?

In flashbacks, it was seen that Smurf had taken use of Pam’s contacts in order to complete a task. Due to the fact that this made Pam feel such fury, she expelled Smurf, along with a younger version of Pope and Julia, from her home, where they had been staying.

Does Pope sleep with Smurf?

In Episode 3, Pope and Smurf are shown sharing a warm embrace in bed, a scene that is reminiscent of Season 2, Episode 8 and appears to have been instigated by Smurf. This time, she looks to be naked behind the covers, and Pope leaves the room while wearing a perplexed expression on his face.

Is Baz J’s dad?

Is it possible that Baz is J’s biological father? In the first episode of Season 3 of Animal Kingdom, it was disclosed that Baz was, in fact, J’s biological father; however, this information was provided after Baz had passed away.

Did Pope and Julia have twins?

Following the passing of his mother, Julia, who was Pope’s twin sister, Finn Cole stars as Smurf’s grandson Joshua ″J″ Cody, who moves in with her and his uncles. Smurf’s mother was Pope’s twin sister.

Is Pope Lena’s dad?

Barry ″Baz″ Blackwell and Catherine Blackwell are the parents of Lena Blackwell, who is their daughter. She is the niece that Pope Cody, Deran, and Craig accepted into their family.

Is Craig the father of Renns baby?

Nick is his name for their child together with Renn Randall.

Why did Smurf have Baz killed?

The character Baz was eliminated from the series since he too meets his end in the source material for the program, the film with the same name as the series. The creators of the show just did not know for how much longer they were going to keep Baz alive.