When Is The Animal Crossing January Update?

The dates for the January update are as follows: The Festivale Update was made available for download on either the 27th or the 28th of January, depending on the time zone you are located in. What has changed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the months of February and March? It’s high time for a seasonal refresh!

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons update for the month of January was made available for download on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). However, you won’t be able to participate in the new activities until they officially launch, which means there won’t be anything to do until the 15th of February, when Festivale begins!

When will the January 2021 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons release?

Based on the release schedules of previous updates, we have come to the conclusion that the most likely time for the release of the January 2021 Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be the final week of the month, between the 25th and the 29th of January.

What is the first month of the year in Animal Crossing?

  • The new year officially begins with the month of January.
  • Even though it’s already January, the snow that fell in December is still covering the ground.
  • With all of this snow, you might construct a snowman.
  • In Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, December 31st is New Year’s Day.
  • This event takes place on January 1st, however the time it starts and ends varies greatly depending on the game.
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When is the next Animal Crossing update for Nintendo Switch?

  • The Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch.
  • On Thursday, January 28, at 10 a.m.
  • Japan Standard Time, the following update will be made available for download.
  • The next available update for New Horizons is expected to become available in the month of March.
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When does the Animal Crossing Festivale event start?

  • However, you may get a head start on the celebrations by participating in them this week before the Festivale event arrives on your island in February.
  • The highly anticipated second free update for the blockbuster hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch has finally come.
  • The popular life simulation game has received an update that brings it up to version 1.7.0, which brings with it the Festivale event, new seasonal products, and more.

What’s on the January update for Animal Crossing?

The next free update (Ver 1.7. 0) for Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) will be released on January 28. This version will feature Festivale, Pave the peacock, and seasonal goods!!! upcoming events

Character Event
Pavé Festivale (Feb 15th)

What time does the new Animal Crossing update come out?

  • The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update will be available for download on the Nintendo eShop on November 5, 2021 (although the release date in the United States is likely to be November 4).
  • There has been no official declaration made regarding the launch hours; however, based on the most recent upgrades, it is conceivable that the new material will become available to players at 10:00 in the morning, Japan Standard Time.

What day is the new update on Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons received a new software update on February 15, 2022, and it was made available for download on the same day. While your Nintendo Switch system is connected to the internet, we ask that you please take a few moments to download and install the latest software update.

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What time is ACNH 2.0 update?

The update was made available one day earlier than what had been planned, on November 4 at 10:00pm Eastern Time (ET). Version 2.0, the most recent significant free content upgrade for ACNH, has been revealed to include a huge number of brand new features.

Will ACNH add more fish 2022?

The video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons will see the addition of new fish in the month of February 2022. However, new material will only be available in the southern hemisphere for the time being.

Will Kapp n be in ACNH?

On November 5, 2021, the Kapp’n character was introduced into New Horizons as part of the upgrade to version 2.0. He will take the player to mystery islands and charge them 1,000 Nook Miles for the round-trip transportation price. The player has the option of skipping his sea shanties on both the journey to and from the island by simply tapping the B button many times in rapid succession.

Is the ACNH update out?

As of the 30th of September, the Fall Update (version 1.5.0) has been made available to the general public.

Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons worth it 2021?

In a nutshell, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an excellent choice for those who are lovers of the franchise and those who are looking for a lighthearted and enjoyable gaming experience. This game is the ideal way to escape the realities of the real world because it features a ton of laid-back activities, such as crafting and collecting, as well as a fun multiplayer component.

Is the new Animal Crossing update out?

On November 5, Animal Crossing: Uncharted Horizons will receive a free update as well as a premium expansion. Both will take the game into new seas. Prepare to broaden your horizons by doing some traveling!

What happens if you are playing Animal Crossing at 5am?

The screen will be updated at five in the morning. While you are busy participating in the activity, the next day may begin. After a moment, the game’s screen will go dark, and it will begin to reload the fresh material for the day. After then, the daily broadcast will be presented as the first program of the next day.

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Is 2.0 the last Animal Crossing update?

IGN has received confirmation from Nintendo that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 2.0 update and the Happy Home Paradise premium downloadable content pack will be the game’s final significant upgrades. Since its release in March 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold over 33 million copies.

What time does the ACNH DLC come out?

On November 5th, 2021, the Animal Crossing 2.0 Update as well as the Happy Home Paradise DLC will be made available for download via the Nintendo eShop. Even though the official release hours have not been published, it is quite expected that both the update and the DLC will be made available on November 4 at about 8 p.m. ET. Bonus!

How do I unlock KK?

The KK Slider Concert is locked until you unlock it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  1. 5,000 Nook Miles were used to settle the initial debt
  2. Construct the Cranny of the Nook
  3. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you must construct the very first bridge
  4. Construct and arrange furnishings for the three new villagers that are arriving
  5. Establish a camping area

How do I unlock my ATM ACNH?

Animal Crossing: Instructions on How to Obtain a Personal ABD ATM

  1. In order to be eligible to acquire the ABD Personal ATM, players will need to have their houses completely updated and all of their debts paid off
  2. Once the construction of the island home is finished and Tom Nook has been repaid for all Animal Crossing debts, a letter from Nook Inc. will be sent in the mail to the player

Why is Kapp n not on my island?

Kapp’n won’t show up on your island until you’ve made some headway in the main game and met certain requirements first (the part of the game that existed before the 2.0 update). Following is a list of things that we’ve determined, via considerable testing, you need to get done before Kapp’n arrives: Unlocking Resident Services will allow Isabelle to visit your community and help you out.