What Is The Final Commandment In Animal Farm?

The last commandment reinforces the privileged status of all pigs, which has existed since since Animal Farm was first published. This status has been established throughout the entirety of Animal Farm. Since the beginning, the pigs have held power over the other animals and have utilized a wide variety of propaganda strategies in order to maintain their position of dominance.

  1. There is one commandment left to follow, and that is ″all creatures are equal.″ On the other hand, it has been updated to include the following: ″although some creatures are more equal than others.″ In the days that follow, Napoleon takes up publicly smoking a pipe, and the other pigs begin to install a telephone in addition to subscribing to human periodicals, listening to the radio, and listening to human news broadcasts.

What do the commandments remind the animals of?

The commandments serve as a gentle reminder to the animals that ″anything travels upon two legs is an adversary″ and ″whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend.″ The tenth and final commandment declares that all forms of life are on an equal footing.