What Document Provides The Guidelines For Working With Infectious Diseases In Animal Research?

The Public Health Service Policy and the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal Welfare Regulations 2 are the two principal federal documents that set forth requirements for the care and use of animals by institutions that use animals in research, testing, and education.These requirements can be found in the PHS Policy and the USDA Animal Welfare Regulations 2, respectively.

What are the guidelines for environmental infection control in health-care facilities?

Controlling the Spread of Infections in Healthcare Facilities Through Environmental Measures (2003) 1. Information in a General Sense Historically, the only places in hospitals and other medical facilities that allowed animals were research and laboratory rooms.

What are the regulations for research with nonhuman animals?

In terms of personnel, monitoring, record keeping, and veterinary care, research methods involving nonhuman animals should adhere to the Animal Welfare Act (7 U.S.C. 2131 et. seq.) as well as any applicable government rules, policies, and recommendations.

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How is the shipment of diagnostic specimens and infectious substances regulated?

The International Air Transport Association is responsible for regulating the transport and receiving of diagnostic specimens (which includes the vast majority of nonpathogenic research materials) and infectious substances (which includes the vast majority of cultures of pathogens) on a global scale (IATA).

What are the requirements of animal research in a hospital?

A health care institution should have an animal research unit that is designed to ensure proper confinement of animals and diseases; daily cleaning and transfer of equipment and trash; and negative air pressure in animal rooms relative to corridors.

What are the basic guidelines of animal research?

  1. Guidelines Regarding the Ethical Use of Animals in Scientific Research Respect for the Dignity of the Animals
  2. Acceptance of responsibility for weighing available alternatives (Replace)
  3. The concept of proportionality, which states that it is the responsible party to take into account and strike a balance between different forms of benefit and pain
  4. Accountability for taking into consideration ways to cut down on the number of animals (Reduce)

What is the IACUC stand for?

IACUC is an acronym that stands for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. This committee is a standing committee that is required by federal law and regulations to oversee the animal care and use program at institutions that use animals in research, teaching, or testing. This is done in order to ensure that animals are treated in a manner that is both ethical and humane.

What is an IACUC protocol?

Animal Study Protocol, also known as the IACUC protocol, is a comprehensive explanation of the researcher’s intended use of animals that is written by the researcher for the purpose of receiving IACUC evaluation and permission.The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) must first complete its evaluation and provide its blessing before any studies, experiments, or classes that include the use of animals may start.

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Which institutions must follow PHS guidelines for animal research?

The Health Research Extension Act was enacted in 1985 and gave the Health and Human Services Department the responsibility of formulating standards for the use of animals in scientific research. It is the job of the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW), which is part of the Public Health Service, to oversee whether or not institutions are following PHS policy and recommendations.

What legislation covers the guidelines in the protection of animals in used in research?

Animal Welfare Act of 1998, Section 6 bans the mistreatment or use of animals in research or studies that are not specifically authorized by the Committee on Animal Welfare. This section also outlaws the use of animals for entertainment purposes.

Which of these agencies provides guidelines for using animals in experiments and research?

The Committee on the Ethics of Research on Animals (CARE)

What is IACUC research?

What exactly is the IACUC? The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, often known as the IACUC, is charged with the job of assuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the university, as well as those of the national and worldwide communities.

What is the role of Aaalac in animal research?

The Association for the Assessment and Certification of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC International) is a non-profit, private organization that encourages the ethical care of animals used in scientific research by means of voluntary accreditation and evaluation programs.

Which of the following is the general guideline that IACUCs?

IACUCs utilize which of the following as a general guideline to evaluate the possible discomfort of a technique that is undertaken with animals? Any practice that is known to be painful or distressful for human beings is likely to have the same effect on other creatures.

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Which of the following is best used as a source of guidelines for animals housed in farm settings?

Which of the following ‘Guides’ is best utilized as a source of guidance for animals confined in agricultural settings? The ‘Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching.’

Who reports to IACUC?

An yearly report is submitted by the IACUC to the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) of the NIH. In exchange, OLAW provides the IACUC with an animal welfare assurance number; without this number, the use of animals in research that is federally sponsored is prohibited.

Did the USDA develop AWR?

The Animal Welfare Act required the United States Department of Agriculture to produce Animal Welfare Regulations (AWR), which it did (AWA). The AW Act ultimately won approval from Congress and was enacted into law at the national level. In order to carry out the AWA’s enforcement, the USDA later formed the AWR.

Which institutions and what activities are overseen by the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare OLAW )?

The Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) is in charge of monitoring the treatment of research animals at any institution, company, or organization, regardless of whether it is public or private (including components of Federal, state, and local governments).

Which of the following is true regarding the USDA Animal Welfare Act regulations and duplication of experiments?

In reference to the Animal Welfare Regulations and the conduct of repeated experiments, which of the following statements is TRUE? It is forbidden to conduct animal experiments in an unnecessary manner more than once. Species that are not controlled by the USDA are never needed to be classified as either in pain or distress.