How To Get Feathers Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  • When playing Animal Crossing: City Folk, players have the opportunity to converse with their various Villagers in order to barter for different colored feathers.
  • Although it is not yet known for certain, it is quite probable that players will be able to acquire feathers in New Horizons in the same manner as before.
  • Players can get these feathers into their possession by making use of their nets.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, feathers may be used in many crafting activities. During Festivale, you can get the feathers you require in one of three different ways:

  1. Grab hold of them using your net
  2. Make feathers in the shape of rainbows using a crafts table
  3. Barter with your villager population to acquire them

How do you get a feather in New Horizons?

  • When giving to Boondox at the civic center of Wild World and City Folk or using the net during Festivale in New Leaf and New Horizons, players have the opportunity to earn one of eight different goods.
  • One of these items is called a feather.
  • Accessories made with feathers can be worn, and feathers can also be used to decorate the inside of a home.

You must contribute 10,000 bells in order to get the Green Feather.

How much is a feather worth in New Horizons?

  • At Re-Tail, the feathers are worth different amounts of bells: the player will receive 110 bells for each rainbow feather, 110 bells for each pink feather, 100 bells for each white feather, 90 bells for each purple feather, 80 bells for each red feather, 70 bells for each yellow feather, 60 bells for each blue feather, and 50 bells for each green feather.
  • In the world of New Horizons, feathers glide through the air like petals falling from a cherry flower.
  • They are only seen at the Festivale event.