How To Add Friends On Animal Restaurant?

There are two ways to increase staffing levels:

  1. Keep at least one-third of your friend slots available, since a random member of staff may respond to your friend request
  2. The Recommended Friends list on the Friend Board is being refreshed so that staff members may be found and added. They won’t appear until the player’s star level is roughly comparable to that of the staff

How do I recruit staff for my Animal restaurant?

You have the ability to recruit the members of the staff that assist you in operating the Animal Restaurant. These employees carry out predetermined tasks in an automated manner. For instance, Jiji the Waiter will accept orders from customers for one minute and twenty seconds on level 2. If you offer him a higher rise, he will continue to work for an additional twenty seconds.

How to earn money in animal restaurant?

  1. Within the context of the game, you will be in charge of a restaurant.
  2. Customers come to the restaurant, place their orders, and you are tasked with preparing the dish according to their specifications.
  3. In exchange for your efforts, you are rewarded with Cod, which serves as the game’s primary form of cash.

In order to purchase more facilities for the restaurant, garden, buffet, and kitchen, you need currency.

How to receive letters in animal restaurant?

It seems that this is how the letters are delivered in the game Animal Restaurant. To access the screen for the daily tasks menu, select the tasks button located in the footer menu. You will find there the activities that will reward you with Cod.