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Have you ever wondered why we don’t carry a certain brand of food?

I won’t get into the specific details because you probably don’t want to hear all of the gory details. Customers have called us “a joke” because we do not carry some of “the most common brands of dog food.”

To these accusations, this is always my response:

We are not beholden to any manufacturer and we won’t contribute to the misinformation that is passed along through pet food marketing. We don’t carry a lot of products because we do not consider them to be good enough for our pets. Would we sell some more bags of food if we carried all of these other brands? Probably. But it is my belief that knowingly selling a poor quality food just to make a buck is unethical. Purina, for example, pays stores to stock their products. So does Science Diet, P&G, and Nutro. I will not be a part of it. We do carry some of these products, but only when the brand also produces a food of some measurable quality. Science Diet (Colgate) approached me twice over the past three years with an offer to sell me their product at a discount of $7 per large bag if I signed a contract stating I would make them one of my “top three suggestions.” I asked them to leave both times. I don’t believe that they are a “top three” food so I can’t, in good conscience, make that claim to my customers. I would only be contributing to the distribution of misinformation.

The cost of taking that position is substantial. We carry products that fit every wallet, but I will only sell products that are represented in a truthful manner. We will not take bribes for recommendations or prime positioning in our stores. I’ve been in and around the animal husbandry for 45 years now. That experience has taught me a lot about the difference between poor, better and best nutrition for many animals, and I’m fed up with marketers for both human and pet foods selling products without a scrap of truth behind their claims. If we’re “a joke” because we don’t carry the brand of food you want, instead of getting irate and taking to the Internet to make false accusations about our business acumen, first take a minute to consider why it might be that we wouldn’t put that specific food on the shelf. 

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