Thank you to the Bridgeville staff for taking great care of my guinea pigs while I was on a vacation weekend! Donna on Facebook

My dog is my family and his nutrition and health is very important to me. I am glad you took a stand against big business and are watching out for the consumer who may not know better about what brand(s) to feed their pet. I do a lot of research on what to feed my dog but not so long ago came to your store in the midst of changing brands. The gentlemen who helped me was extremely knowledgeable, more so than my vet. So thank you for holding yourself and your store to a higher standard than falling prey to the bottom line. We depend on you to help us care for our pets who are our family. Sharon via email

I have been a customer for many years. Why?? Because I can’t tell you how many times I have looked to the experts in my North Hills store for help, and they offer their experienced guidance without hesitation. Burton is the most approachable business owners I have ever met. Just yesterday, he offered to teach me how to clip my parrotlet’s wings!!! I can’t find that kind of personalized service at any “super store”. Thank you for your incredible standards and service to my community 🙂 Elena on Facebook

I have been going to Burton’s store for sometime, mostly the Allison Park location. The tremendous offerings of food, toys, supplements and everything in-between is amazing! The staff is helpful and considerate. Recently I asked Burton for a recommendation regarding an ongoing problem with my Westie and, after literally over a year of research and three veterinarians weighing in, she is doing so much better with the supplement he recommended. For caring, concerned and professional pet care I would highly recommend Burton’s Total Pet! Constance on Facebook

I have always appreciated the position your stores take and we need more people like you running businesses and looking out for our furry family members. Melissa on Facebook