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Read my original post about the potential Evangers Hunk of Beef Recall contamination here.

Evanger’s Hunk of Beef Follow Up

This is a follow up to the incident where a person claimed that Evanger’s Hunk of Beef caused her caused dogs to become gravely ill. The results of the lab tests from two independent laboratories showed no toxic substances in the food. Since the person that decided to put the onus of responsibility on Evanger’s, I would suggest that she makes a public statement regarding the veterinarian she used to determine their culpability. At the very least, Evanger’s — who paid for her medical bills and the independent laborator testing — deserves the report. No other pets have gotten sick, even though that entire lot of food had been shipped to the west coast. From the very beginning of this report, the hyperbole appeared unwarranted.

This idea of publicly blaming and shaming companies without proof has become an unfortunate side effect of global and social media. It happens all too regularly nowadays, and people don’t want to know what really happened; they want spontaneous retribution even though they might be wrong. And even if it turns out that they were wrong, apologies are nonexistent. No one will own up to their mistakes. From the very beginning this person refused to provide access to the veterinarian or any medical reports. She claimed to have spent thousands of dollars on her veterinary bills, yet refused to disclose the lot number of the food or even where she bought it. Holly from Evanger’s, without so much as shred of evidence indicating her food had been the origin of the supposed toxin, voluntarily gifted this woman $6000 to help with veterinary expenses.

The Internet is a great tool, but it can be easily abused.  People abuse the truth. They rely on reactionary readers who believe what they want whether or not any actual evidence has been provided. Why do people take such great pleasure in destroying the reputation of a family-held company… or any company for that matter? It’s not as if they’re just harming the family that owns the company. They’re doing harm to the family and all of the people that rely on that company for jobs. We have sold Evanger’s for years. They sell an excellent line of canned foods that has never caused one reported problem in all of my years of dealing with them.

All that said, I hope the person that made these accusations finds the cause of her animals’ illness. Food-born toxicity remains a major problem in the pet food industry. However, by withholding evidence of her dogs’ veterinary reports or any specifics about the food she blames for their illness, she might have a hard time getting to the root of the problem. Blame without substantiation will only cause unnecessary and widespread panic and the spread of misinformation. None of which is necessary.


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