New in Flea & Tick – Bayer’s Advantus and Frontline Gold

Burton's BlogToday I’m on my soapbox about two flea products. Again. This time its Bayer Advantus and Frontline Gold.

I had a customer come in that had purchased ADVANTUS by Bayer to take care of her flea problem. The Advantus marketing is really misleading. Advantus is a systemic flea toxin that is only good for one day. The store from which she bought the product didn’t tell this customer that she had to treat her entire house for fleas. If you don’t treat the entire premises, they’ll jump back on the dog again the next day.

bayer advantusIf your dog has a lot of fleas, so does your house. Additionally, Advantus does nothing for ticks. The prevention of tick bites should be your primary concern. If your dog has a lot of fleas use a pyrethrin shampoo that costs roughly $10. The pyrethrins will kill them immediately. The difference between using Advantus or pyrethrin is that the bottle of pyrethrin will last you many washings – not just one day. I wish vets would use their education to help you in these simple matters rather than just trying to sell stuff.

And while I’m on this soapbox I would like to mention another product that is being sold now by Merial called Frontline Gold. The only difference between Gold and Frontline Plus is an “extra” IGR.

The old Frontline formula still works. To recap: Frontline Plus is Frontline with an IGR that didn’t add a lot to the product. Frontline Gold is Frontline with two IGRs to make it seem like an even better product. More IGRs must be a good thing? Right? Well, no. I called Bayer inquired about the research that illustrates the extra effectiveness of the extra IGR. They couldn’t provide any evidence.

frontline goldThis extra IGR does not make the topical more effective. They suggest that it’s a great addition to the formula, but the reality is that the “addition” is only added cost. Don’t fall for this type of marketing.

Talk to our associates about your flea and tick problems. We can help steer you in the right direction. We can save you money that would be better spent on a quality food for your pet.

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