About Burton’s Total Pet

About Burton's Total Pet - Cranberry location


About Burton’s Total Pet

Burton opened his first store on McKnight Road in Pittsburgh in March 1993. The mission has always been to put your pets first. Burton wants to cut through the misinformation about pet care and pet nutrition. Burton went on to open new stores in Bridgeville, Greensburg, Monroeville, Irwin, Cranberry, and the North Hills (McIntyre Square). Total Pet wants to provide service to all areas of Pittsburgh, including access to veterinary care and temporary pet boarding services. Our stores and employees complement each other. Burton is always available for people in need of help for their pet. Call him to find out at (412) 367-0962.

Competitive pricing and unequaled pet care knowledge.

In this day there are two things a customer pays for: service and price. We strive to provide both. The Pittsburgh Total Pet stores strive to provide strong competitive pricing with something you don’t often see in today’s retail environment — personal service. In addition to a great product selection for all varieties of pets, we also stock our stores with people that know animal husbandry. our goal is not just to sell “stuff,” but provide product and care information for the good of your pet — because pets are family too.


About Burton

Burton Patrick started his career as a fish hatchery biologist for the state of Michigan in 1967. He has a B.A. in Zoology from the University of Illinois and graduate level work at three universities in biology and fishery management. In 1970 he went on to build, own and manage trout farms and specialty livestock for the next 19 years. In 1989 he retired from farming and became the operations manager of the Detroit Zoo. Then in 1993 he opened the Pittsburgh pet supply stores that would become Burton’s Total Pet. For five years, Burton hosted the KDKA Pet Supplies “Plus” Hour before going on to host the TV show dedicated to pet care called “Pets and Their People” on PCNC.